“The best massage I have ever received!!!”

I have had over 30 massages in the past 3 years, and this one was

the BEST. Tammy Davis has the hands of a true healer…she had

amazing instinct regarding pressure and timing of strokes. The

massage was fully integrated and I felt like Tammy truly cared about

being of service to my body. At one point while working under my

shoulder blade, she stayed so patient until my body finally released

a huge knot…it was like her fingers just absorbed the energy. At

another point, it seriously felt like her hands were inside my back,

scooping out the stress. Very gentle, yet very confident. At the end I

felt like I could breathe better, and my body had gained much

needed space. Thank you Tammy!!!!

-Charlene, San Diego CA

While on vacation I contacted Aloha Massage to schedule

a 90 minute massage for that same day. I was contacted

quickly and very courteously by staff to let me know they

have an available time slot. When my masseuse arrived

she was pleasant and professional. What I didn’t know

was that she was also phenomenal!

I get a massage at home in California every 2 weeks

because I am a competitive female bodybuilder. And, by

far this massage was the best I’ve ever had! Mahalo

Tammy for your fabulous work on my body and also a big

thanks as well to the staff. Next time I’m on the island I am

definitely doing this again!

-Carolyne Challice